April 4, 2022

What is Solvpath and What is All The Hype About?

If you’re in e-commerce, chances are you’ve heard of Solvpath and how it’s revolutionizing customer support. You’ve heard about its reliability and its cost-effectiveness and its appeal to the wide range of today’s e-commerce customers who’ve embraced self-serve technology. You’re intrigued, but you want to know more. What is Solvpath, and what makes it different?

What Solvpath Is and Why It’s Necessary

The goal of customer support has always been about getting the right message across to satisfy the customer. Happier customers ensure better performance, no matter what your business is. And satisfied customers are returning customers. But the traditional models of customer support—call centers or Interactive Voice Response (IVR)—have not only subjected customers to long hold times, time-consuming conversations, and frustrating misdirections, but also have often failed in this main objective: getting the right message across.

The creators of Solvpath imagined a better way.

And so what is Solvpath? In a nutshell, Solvpath is an A.I.-driven customer support system that uses a visual format and self-serve technology to quickly and effectively resolve issues, resulting in satisfying support experiences for customers and companies alike.

Read on for a breakdown on how Solvpath gets it right.

A.I.-Driven: Fast, Consistent, and Effortless

Never mind what it might take to train a call center agent to memorize a host of possible responses to a single customer service issue. What about the dozens of unique data points an agent would need to know and digest to best respond to a particular caller? And let’s not forget the level of frustration the caller might be experiencing at the time of the call, which further determines the right course of action. It’s a tall order. No wonder support calls are so lengthy. No wonder IVRs so frequently fail to resolve problems and leave customers agitated.

The beauty of A.I. is its ability to process massive amounts of data in milliseconds. Solvpath’s A.I. assesses a wide range of data in an instant and quickly maneuvers within sophisticated support funnels to confront a problem with a tailor-made solution: the right message, with the right sentiment, using the most effective rich media, for a seamless, easy support experience.

The Innovation of a Visual Format

A major aspect of what makes Solvpath different is the visual experience it uses to resolve support issues.

Solvpath was inspired by e-commerce sales funnel strategies. As a result, Solvpath is basically the sales funnel experience applied to customer support, using visual components. Solvpath not only embraces the same rich media (imagery, copy, video, and animation) that is highly effective in the selling of products, but also tweaks how and when these methods are used based on how they perform in given circumstances. With its near-instant data processing capabilities and its machine learning, Solvpath’s ability to constantly assess, refine, and improve performance is endless.

The Timeliness of Self-Serve Technology

It is estimated that 70 percent of all customer support requests come in within a four-hour window. Jammed phone lines make for even longer hold times. How long is the average person willing to stay on hold in the Google Age? Companies need to accommodate the customer’s demand for instant satisfaction. Call centers and Voice IVRs are not the answer.

A recent survey indicated that 75 percent of customers find self-service more convenient for resolving support issues, and 67 percent prefer self-service over speaking to a call center representative. According to Solvpath’s data, these numbers hold up: on average Solvpath is seeing support call deflection rates of between 65-85 percent, meaning that upwards of 85 percent of calls that would typically be resolved by a human being are now being resolved by Solvpath.

Often times support issues are basic FAQ-type questions that in the first place don’t merit the bother of a call center agent at $.80-1.00 per minute, and in the second place are not worth the long hold times to even reach that call center agent to begin with. With its self-serve visual format, Solvpath allows customers to handle their own support requests quickly and painlessly.

Not Zero Call Centers, but Smarter Call Centers

Solvpath appreciates a customer’s desire to have the option of speaking to a human about a support problem. Not only does Solvpath offer lifelines where customers can opt to speak to a person, but Solvpath also is developing ways to work in tandem with call centers to establish a robust integration. Imagine the time that can be saved and the significantly improved experience that can be had if a call center agent begins a support conversation with all the relevant information already in hand—who the customer is, what the problem is, predict what they want before even asking and even the level of the customer’s frustration—handily culled and delivered by Solvpath.

Better for Customers, Better for Businesses

No matter your business, the goal in customer support is to get your customer the most relevant answers to their questions as fast as possible, all while keeping in mind your desired outcome. Solvpath offers businesses a range of paths, depending on how a company would like to moderate its business—how willing you are to accommodate customers with refunds, to what lengths you’re willing to go to avoid cancellations, etc. Having built a large range of support funnel templates, there’s a high probability that Solvpath already has a support funnel that can accommodate your sales funnel, making faster deployment possible. Solvpath can be used effectively across a wide range of verticals to address high volumes of customer support requests. And the option is always there for creating unique support paths that offer specific copy and visuals to deliver whatever outcome you seek.

About Solvpath

Based in New York but operating globally, Solvpath strives to simplify and improve a range of consumer tasks through automation and self-serve technology. Known for its incomparable handling of inbound support, Solvpath also excels at finding ways to help businesses add additional value. From sales to support to analytics and problem-solving, Solvpath delivers ecommerce solutions and utilizes the self-serve methodology customers prefer to deliver a simplified, seamless e-commerce experience. Created by marketers for marketers, Solvpath brings over a decade of ecommerce experience to the table, and never stops looking for ways to make things better. Discover how easily Solvpath can be integrated into your business. Contact us today.



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