AI machine learning
smart help desk

Revolutionized help desk experience for e-commerce

engineered to provide better answers, faster

Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, Solvpath’s Smart Help Desk delivers immediate, relevant answers to your visitors’ most frequently asked questions, using robust analytics to see what they are saying and doing.

highly relevant answers from
real-time analytics

This interactive help desk platform with learning capabilities collects data end points from a host of sources to
grow smarter and give the best answers to your customers’ questions – instantly.
From the Campaign Itself

Customer status and history provide
important background information
to FAQ responses

From the Demographic

Google analytics offer insight into
e-commerce customers’ wants
and needs

From FAQ History

Customer reactions to the helpfulness
of FAQ responses assists in refining
the answers

increased customer support efficiency
- everybody wins

  • Satisfied Customers
    Intelligent FAQ platform delivers the right answers, right away, 24/7, regardless of customer volume.
  • Your Team Works Smarter, Not Harder
    AI takes on the task of providing great answers in real time to the most common, recurring FAQ Questions

a user-friendly shopping experience

  • Streamlined, Simplified, and Self-Serve
    Customers take the initiative in finding answers to their online shopping questions and resolve their own issues and execute purchases in a swift easy visual solution.
  • Focused on User Experience
    Interactive answers using personal explainer video and image sliders to visually display and walk the user through resolving an issue, but also offers a solution to execute a task on their own. 

Let AI take your e-commerce customer shopping experience to the next level. 
Discover the transformative power of Solvpath’s smart help desk.

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